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Israeli Start-Up: System InterMed

Israeli Start-Up: System InterMed

A  new, in-demand startup system, InterMed, is presented on the Israeli market. A startup is a concentration of several financial / medical / high-tech products at one point. Ready to offer for the global market:

– new it developments;innovative financial instruments and technologies;
– direct access to international high-tech medicine;
– various types of services.

The InterMed system is ideal for social media companies, mobile operators, large online stores, banks, insurance companies, and other organizations.

INTERMED system sent:

Minimum: for social protection, to prevent the appearance of cancer.;
Maximum: – for quick search and search of various medical services with professional and experienced doctors;
– promoting proven and implemented innovative social technologies on the world market.

The InterMed system will allow:- to provide accurate diagnosis of cancer- reduce the financial burden on the patient’s family budget.

The use of the InterMed system will provide participants-business representatives:
– social protection of employees and clients;
– competitive advantages of selling goods and services;
– significant expansion of the client base;
– additional income;
– increase of personal status and field of activity.

Financial instruments of the InterMed system allow you to:
– create a budget by reducing expenses 
– provide compensation (refund) for the cost of medical services. 

Startup invites investors! 

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