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Lenders Group registered and incorporated in Osaka Japan have accepted to offer the total required funds for the Ongoing and existing Projects of our Company. We agreed to provide the required Funding to start and complete your Projects with the Following Terms and Conditions:

* Funding Capacity Minimum / Maximum: USD-EURO: €50,000,000 -USD/EURO: €5,000,000,000
* Loan Interest Rate: 2% annually
* Moratorium / Grace Period: (36 Months Grace Period) /Three (3) Years
* Loan Funding Maximum Duration: (10-15 Years)

Funding Security
Our Loan/Funding is secured with Bank Instruments such as Bank Guarantee (BG), Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC) is required from Borrower before the requested Loan will be approved, disbursed or Transferred to Borrower Nominated Bank account.

Loan Interest Rate
The Loan Interest rates is 2% annually and this annual interest rate will apply after the Three (3) Years grace period elapsed as stated clearly in our Loan Agreement and Loan Term sheet respectively. The Maximum Loan duration we can give for Loan/Funding is ten (10) Years therefore, we cannot exceed ten (10) Years duration for Loan / Project Funding.

Sourcing for Bank Guarantee/SBLC:

The Borrower will provide Bank Guarantee /SBLC as Loan Security / Funding Security before the requested Loan amount will be transferred to the borrowers Designated Bank account. 

However, if the borrower is having difficulty or unable to secure Loan Security/Loan Funding (Bank Guarantee/SBLC) we can refer them to a Company that will assist them to source and secure Loan Security Privately for the Projects.

We can help or assist Borrowers by referring them to a Trusted, reliable and Credible Company that will help the borrower to secure Loan Security (Bank Guarantee/SBLC) which will stand as Loan Security for the required Loan.

Bank Guarantee Processing / Leasing Fees:

Normally Bank Guarantee Processing Fees or Bank Guarantee Leasing fees are required by Bank Guarantee Consultant Companies before Banks will Issue or Lease out Bank Guarantee Instruments therefore the Borrower/Debtor is required to pay for such Bank Guarantee /SBLC fees by themselves.

Deduction of Bank Guarantee Processing and Leasing Fees:

On request from the Borrower the Lenders Group can pay Bank Guarantee Fee from the Loan Source / Loan Principal based on the request of the Borrower and
Transfer the balance of the Loan Principal to the Borrower Nominated Bank account. We give this concession or assistance in cases whereby the Borrower is unable to pay the Bank Guarantee Consultant Company for the Bank Guarantee Processing and Leasing Fee only, therefore we offer this opportunity to Borrowers based on request and demand from the Borrower and this is applicable for only Bank Guarantee /SBLC charges / fees.

Disbursement /Transaction Duration 10-15 Working Days:

We are willing, ready to provide the required Funding through our Company Bank account with Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group (MUFG) Japan within 3-5 Bank working days as soon as the Mandatory required Loan Collateral (Bank Guarantee /SBLC) is provided through Bank to Bank.

Project Supervision and Monitoring:

Lenders Group will appoint three (3) Project Supervisor, which will be responsible for routine checks and supervision of this Project as soon as the Loan is transferred and received into Borrower bank account. We shall appoint and dedicate the Project Supervisors only after the loan is received into Borrower Bank account.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Lenders group representative – AV JAKOBSON & PARTNERS LTD.